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The joint venture JV “UZ-SEGANG” LLC in the form of a limited liability company passed state registration on 11/15/2018. by registration number No. 603958. The authorized capital of the enterprise is 10 339 087 500.00 (ten billion three hundred thirty nine million eighty seven thousand five hundred) amounts.

The founders of the joint venture are PE “Segang International”, the Republic of Korea, the share of the authorized fund is 10%, which is 1,033,908,750 soums, “Pallet Production” LLC Republic of Uzbekistan, the share of the authorized fund is 50%, which is 5,169,543,750 soums, the company “TMS Global Co. LTD” Republic of Korea, the share of the authorized capital of 20%, which is 2,067,817,500; the company “Man Sung Chemurgy Co., LTD” the Republic of Korea, the share of the authorized capital of 20%, which is 2,067,817,500 soums.


The company collects fruits, vegetables and legumes by sorting and packing according to the know-how method. The production area is 2.5 hectares, the number of employees in the entire production is 140 workers, according to the approved staffing table. The enterprise is equipped with the following equipment:

1) Sorting equipment for the cleaning of legumes

2) Sorting equipment for the cleaning and sorting of fruits and vegetables

3) Packaging equipment The annual capacity of the enterprise is planned to be 8,000 tons for processing fruits and vegetables

Refrigerating complex / Storage of goods
The company provides or rents special cold rooms or refrigerators to ensure the safety and durability of products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and beans with a capacity of 5 tons. At the same time, we can store customers ' products in our cold rooms. The service has been tested for a long time and fully guarantees the safety of products.
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