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The issue of transportation of goods is brought most of all by food, especially vegetables and fruits. The price of these products directly depends on the fresh look, which is quite difficult to maintain. To transport vegetables and fruits, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature, humidity level - it is best to store them in dry rooms, preferably isolated from foreign odors. It is also necessary to protect this cargo from physical damage. In addition, it is necessary to protect food cargo from any contact with toxic substances. As an option for safe transportation, freezing is used, but it deprives fruits and vegetables of most of the nutrients, depreciating them. Therefore, the best option for storage and transportation are boxes for fruits and vegetables, especially wooden containers.

Our factory for the production of pallets and boxes "Pallet Production" LLC supplies large industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan with wooden products with pallets , various wooden boxes and wagon coverings. currently, the daily production volume is 15,300 pieces of pallets, 200,000 boxes for storing fruit, 200m3 cars. The company has the ability to increase production volumes up to 360,000 pieces of pallets per year, up to 2,400,000 pieces of boxes per year, and up to 2,400 m3 of sheathing for wagons per year.

There are many reasons why it is more profitable to buy wooden crates for vegetables and fruits than vegetable crates made from other materials. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, and it protects food products from toxin contamination. In addition, wood is strong enough to protect soft or brittle loads from bumps and dents. When used correctly, a vegetable box made of wood is quite durable. You need to know several conditions in order to choose a suitable box.

A wooden vegetable box should have the following properties:

· In the fruit crates, the wooden parts must constitute the “board-to-board” structure, that is, consisting of boards crossing each other at right angles. This design allows fruits and vegetables to breathe, while protecting them.

· The box should consist of dry wood, since it is dry wood that better absorbs moisture from the air. This dries the room and protects the product from mold.

· A hardwood like pine should be selected to avoid dents in drawers.

· Boards must be at least 2.5 centimeters thick to withstand high pressure. This helps in situations when in one container there are many boxes stacked on top of each other.

· The box should allow vegetables or fruits to fit snugly together, as this also protects against physical damage.


















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